January 14, 2007

Looking back on 2006

Looking back, I think it is safe to say that 2006 was action-packed for me in terms of exhibitions: a solo show in Paris in spring, a couple of group shows in New York in the summer/autumn, and another solo show in Berlin this winter. Plus an odd one back home and two residencies abroad: at the School of Visual Arts in New York and another one at the Transart Institute (at the O.K. Center for Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria).

(Installation view of my Paris exhibition; more pics here.)

The shows went great - both with the critics and the audience. Let me just mention the juried international exhibition in Huntington, NY, where out of 580 entries from all over the world, one of the most distinguished US art critics prof. Donald Kuspit of Stony Brook University selected my digital print "Marija" to be among the 24 artworks in the exhibition (see photo below).

2007 looks promising as well - with shows scheduled in Italy, Macedonia and Germany.

For all of you who have enjoyed my work in the past year, I wish you a very happy, creative and successful 2007!

Exhibition in Ohrid

Solo exhibition of my digital prints will be held at the National Institution Cultural Center "Grigor Prlicev" in Ohrid, Macedonia.

The exhibition will present 8 large-scale digital prints from the cycle "Hush", created in 2005-2006. My digital prints explore the hidden interconnections between the visual and the written word. Or more specifically, how pictures and narratives are intertwined in the attempt to tell our personal histories, but at the same time they subvert each other, their union sometimes producing unexpected (even ironic) results.

The exhibition is realized upon invitation by the Mayor of Ohrid, on occasion of the Day of Ohrid, and will be open until December 20, 2006.

Exhibition in Berlin

(Vreme, 22.11.2006) - Solo show of Macedonian artist Zoran Poposki will be opened at “Gallery 24” in Berlin on Wednesday evening. The artist presents large-format digital prints from the cycle “Hush”, created in the period 2005/2006.

"After this year’s solo exhibition in Paris and two group exhibitions in New York, it is a pleasure to present my artworks to the German public”, artist Poposki says.

Poposki's expressionist digital portraits represent a combination of digital photography and his recognizable visual writing, marked by the great abstract traditions of modernity, primarily abstract expressionism and post-painterly abstraction. His digital expressionist portraits deal with the issue of authorship and identity through a psycho-analytically inspired type of abstract expressionism.

See also:

Interview in Forum Plus magazine

The September 9 2006 issue of Macedonia's most respected weekly Forum Plus carries an interview with me, about my exhibitions in NY and Paris.

Exhibition in the US: Zoran Poposki exhibits with 24 world artists

(Vreme, 01.09.2006) - Macedonian artist Zoran Poposki is taking part in an international exhibition at the Alpan Gallery in Huntington, New York on 2-27 September. An open competition was announced and 24 works including Poposki’s digital print “Marija” have been selected amongst 580 works by artists from the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Britain, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa and Switzerland.

The selection was made by one of the US most renowned art critics, Donald Kuspit, Professor at the New York State University in Stony Brook and editor of the influential art magazine Artforum.

Poposki’s digital expressionist portraits elaborate the question of authorship and identity through a psychoanalysis-inspired abstract expressionism.

Digital Color Artist of the Month

"Zoran Poposki (b.1974) is the May 2006 Digital Color Artist of the Month.

Zoran is an accomplished abstract expressionist painter and graphic artist from Macedonia. His work has been featured in national TV programs, newspapers and magazines.

Zoran takes a passionate approach to painting. His expressive strokes have been compared to a squid squirting ink all around, defending itself. His paintings are a form of refined lyricism, more emotional than intellectual."

Visit: http://www.digitalconsciousness.com/galleries/ZoranPoposki/ZoranPoposki-HUSH.phtml

Exhibition in Paris

(Mimosaextra II/06) "On April 20, 2006 the abstract painter and digital artist Zoran Poposki will open his exhibition at the GALLERY twenty-four in Paris.

The body of works from this Macedonian artrist combines element of mixed media and text to create a powerful exhibition. His abstract paintings and prints are present in private collections abroad, and are along side the works of such masters as Miro, Appel, and Jorn."

An installation view of the exhibition (you can see more pics here.)