January 14, 2007

Exhibition in the US: Zoran Poposki exhibits with 24 world artists

(Vreme, 01.09.2006) - Macedonian artist Zoran Poposki is taking part in an international exhibition at the Alpan Gallery in Huntington, New York on 2-27 September. An open competition was announced and 24 works including Poposki’s digital print “Marija” have been selected amongst 580 works by artists from the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Britain, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa and Switzerland.

The selection was made by one of the US most renowned art critics, Donald Kuspit, Professor at the New York State University in Stony Brook and editor of the influential art magazine Artforum.

Poposki’s digital expressionist portraits elaborate the question of authorship and identity through a psychoanalysis-inspired abstract expressionism.