April 08, 2007

Exhibition in Italy

An exhibition by the Macedonian artist Zoran Poposki and the Italian artist Michele D’Alterio opens to the public at the gallery “Il Ramo D’Oro” in Napoli on 14 April 2007. The exhibition is conceived as a confrontation of two expressive experiences, the abstract and expressionist one of Poposki and the surrealist and conceptual one of D’Alterio. Poposki exhibits large-scale digital prints that elaborate the issue of identity and the relationship between images and language/text/narratives.

In the exhibition catalogue, the Italian critic Giorgio Agnisola states that: “The Macedonian artist unleashes onto the canvas a gestural and abstract energy, tied to the evocation of color but also to the expressive techniques of the sign, in a multilayered construct out of which often emerge figurative forms, profiles that seem to be creating a sort of inner scenography. Still, in the creative stage it is exorcised through rational interventions, phrases, signs, thoughts, that the artist applies to the painting, provocatively, with the intent to demystify. That results in a visible ambiguity that evokes in the spectator a conscious and intensive analysis of the word and the image, in a space which is emotionally engaging while at the same time problematic, unknown in a way, yet encouraging.”

Zoran Poposki has exhibited in New York, Paris, Berlin, and Macedonia. He has attended residency programs in the US and in Austria.

The exhibition in Napoli will be open until 28 April.