May 31, 2007

"Here" - video performance

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Zoran Poposki's Here is a video performance (6:37 minutes, produced by Jane Stefanov) about the relationship between personal and collective identity, as well as the limitations of the local, symbolized by the artist’s attempt to get into a traditional Macedonian dress. The title is “Here”, in the sense that the individual is always already present in his or her own culture.

The costume is one that the artist's grandmother made herself when she was just a little girl, 70 years ago, as part of her dowry for her groom to be - Poposki's grandfather who lived in five different countries without ever leaving his home (borders are a pretty fluid thing in the Balkans).

The background music is a loop of the opening beats of a famous Macedonian folk dance (in fact, it is the folk dance, the ur-dance of all Macedonian dances, or "oro" as it's called in Macedonia). Called "Teshkoto" ("the heavy one"), it's a slow folk dance that gradually picks up the pace, danced exclusively by men.