May 30, 2007

Exhibition Abroad (2007)

Exhibition Abroad (2007) the strict visa requirements for citizens of non-EU countries in the Balkans and the difficulties involved in obtaining a Schengen visa.
In the project, the artist Zoran Poposki documents the 1.5 long process of getting a visa for his exhibition in Napoli, Italy, in the form of digital prints composed of portraits (that he would usually use as one of the components of his digital paintings, the other being randomly chosen text from works of pulp fiction and digitally edited parts of his acrylic paintings) and his correspondence with the embassy and the gallery manager.
The correspondence ranges from cordial invitation and extension of hospitality to initial disbelief at the rigid procedure and the amount of documents required for a visa application and ultimately to suspicion that maybe his case is an exception and not a rule.

In a sense, this part of the project is a meta-exhibition since several of the portraits were turned into digital paintings that were exhibited in Italy.
The final product consists of five 35x28 inch digital prints mounted on forex, entitled “Exhibition abroad”, composed of a black-and-white digital photograph and text in chronological order.