October 21, 2009

Exhibition in Slovenia

Zoran Poposki is featured in the international exhibition Video in Progress 3: Fields of the Performative, at the Kino Siska Centre for urban Culture in Ljubljana, in collaboration with Photon Gallery, from October 20 to November 15 2009.

The third edition of Video in Progress exhibition project, curated by Kolektiva, is the result of international competition on the subject of performance for video. The 46 selected videos, featuring various formal and conceptual premises, present a heterogeneous interpretation of performance in relation to video within contemporary visual art. Everything from regular performance in front of audience in a gallery to an exhibitionist and voyeuristic presentation of a body as an aesthetic object, absurd actions, exploration of identity, social and political roles, subjective views, narratives and the creation of film or documentary atmosphere.

Poposki’s video performance deals with the topic of difference and otherness as an integral aspect in the process of demarcation of boundaries of one’s own identity.
"Zoran Poposki illustrates the influence of a society full of prejudices as to the image of an individual. The performer is, beyond recognition, covered with projections of words that express mainstream society’s view of those who live at its margins", write Metka Zupanič & Vesna Bukovec in the exhibition catalog.