July 02, 2010


Zoran Poposki is featured in the 3rd international videoart festival
PROYECTOR 2010, a the Espacio Menosuno in Madrid, Spain, on 9 July 2010. Curated by Mario Gutierrez Cru, the 2010 PROJECTOR festival's intention is to present a small but varied sample of national and international video art, by inviting several curators to present their latest projects and organizing a cycle of round tables where the artists will also exhibit and discuss their work.
Poposki is represented with
Different (video performance, 2009), a work that explores the limits of identity and difference.
The selection for the festival was made by Ivana Vaseva and Jovanka Popova, as part of the
DVD-Project, an international project for videoart organized by Stichting Idee-fixe (Holland) with the aim to show emergent and experiental videoart and to create a democratic and accessible platform mostly for young artists.