September 22, 2010

At the City Art Museum in Ljubljana

Zoran Poposki's work is featured in the exhibition "Curatorial Workshop" by Goranco Gjorgievski, at the City Art Museum Ljubljana, from 23 September to 17 October 2010.
In the exhibition, Poposki is represented with video and photo documentation of the performative tryptich "Portrait of the Artist as a Cultural Worker", co-produced by Goranco Gjorgievski. In this performative tryptich (composed of the performances "Thesis", "Sweet Movie", and "Working Class Hero"), Poposki reflects on his artistic practice focused almost exclusively on public space as a place for representation and discursive action.
"Curatorial Workshop" is a project by Goran Gjorgievski, curator at the National Gallery of Macedonia - Mala Stanica. The project is focused on the complex role of the curator in artistic production and brings together a number of works by artists from the wider region of former Yugoslavia, including Irwin, Zero, Uros Djuric, Zaneta Vangeli, etc.