November 12, 2010

Exhibition in Portland

By Way of Introduction
November 12, 2010, 12 PM PDT (9 PM CET)
PNCA | Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson St | Portland | Oregon | 97209

Zoran Poposki's project BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION is a food installation and happening aimed at collective participation and focuses on creating dialogue between individuals from different cultural backgrounds through food, web applications for communication, and music.
With: Damon Ayers, Marija Barisin, Nadia Buyse, Ivana Dragsic, Mitko Gogov, Aleksandar Grozdanovski, Apostolova Ivanka, Vladimir Martinovski, Julia Naskova, Stefan Ransom, Timothy Stigliano, Filip Stojanovski, Goran Taleski, Michael Welsh, Tessie Word.
Tasty home-made Balkan food, engaging one on one conversations on skype between individuals in Portland, Macedonia, France and US, beautiful poetry, and a fantastic flash mob - this happening has it all.
The show marks the completion of Zoran Poposki’s month-long artist residency at PNCA, as 2010 ArtsLink Fellow.