January 20, 2011


"Citizens should actively be involved in decision-making about what their surroundings should look like. They have the right to use and create public space. In the widest sense, citizens have the right to the city - to live and to produce public urban space through working and living in the city. The city is not just a collection of buildings, but is rather a result of the interaction between the citizens.
I want to see the city as a space of radical democracy, where citizens of every level would be involved in making decisions. Creating opportunities for dialogue between different social groups at every level. That means opening up public space into a place for dialogue and debate, as well as space for the representation of different social groups.
My thesis is that art necessarily requires public space. Art is by its nature dialogic - it addresses the other in order to engage into a process of communication and exchange."

More from the interview at Zurnal MK (in Macedonian).