April 12, 2012

Artistic Praxis as the Open Pursuit of Questions (in Place of Conclusions)

12. April 2012 
Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) "Konrad Wolf," Potsdam, Germany 
presents the Transdisciplinary Colloquium:

Artistic Praxis as the Open Pursuit of Questions 
(in Place of Conclusions)
with: Victoria Hindley and Zoran Poposki
at: 12. April 2012 at 17:00
in: HFF "Konrad Wolf", Large Cinema, Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11, 14482 Potsdam
HFF Konrad Wolf Potsdam
Victoria Hindley is an American artist based in Vienna; Zoran Poposki is a Macedonian artist based in Hong Kong. Though they are culturally and geographically worlds apart, these two artists and colleagues share a passion for unraveling conclusions to get at thought-provoking questions. Their work demonstrates an affinity for critical investigations of sociopolitical constructs such as monuments, books, art, culture, knowledge, institutions and the unwieldy systems of power inherent within. With humor, seriousness, a love of irony and genuine ardor, their individual works investigate such issues as nationalism, liminality, identity, foreign-ness, civil disobedience, gender, and public space. Victoria works primarily with photography, language, installation and the book form; Zoran with performance, video, and installation. With no illusions of defining concrete answers, Victoria and Zoran take much pleasure in pursuing questions.  
Developed specifically for HFF, “Artistic Praxis as the Open Pursuit of Questions (in Place of Conclusions)” will present an exploration of the evolving concept of artistic research intertwined with summaries of recent individual art projects such as Sidewalk Interstice, Portrait of the Artist as a Cultural Worker, SHE IS not in need of Labels, and Abstract Politics.
Transdisziplinäres Kolloquium: "Künstlerische Forschung als das freie Streben nach Fragen (statt Ergebnissen)"
mit: Victoria Hindley (USA) und Zoran Poposki (Mazedonien)
am: 12. April 2012 um 17 Uhr
an: der HFF "Konrad Wolf", großes Kino (Raum 1104), Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11, 14482 Potsdam
Victoria Hindley ist eine amerikanische Künstlerin, die in Wien lebt; Zoran Poposki ein mazedonischer Künstler wohnhaft in Hong Kong.
Trotz der Unterschiede, die sich aus Herkunft und Wohnort ergeben, teilen die beiden eine Leidenschaft dafür, in ihren künstlerischen Arbeiten Ergebnisse zu sezieren, um zu den diesen Ergebnissen innewohnenden Fragen zu gelangen. Hindley arbeitet hauptsächlich mit Fotografie, Sprache, Installationen und der Buchform, Poposki mit Performance, Video und Installationen.
In ihrer speziell für die HFF entwickelten Präsentation „Künstlerische Forschung als das freie Streben nach Fragen (statt Ergebnissen)“ werden sie das sich ständig weiterentwickelnde Konzept der künstlerischen Forschung anhand von eigenen Arbeiten untersuchen. Vorstellen werden sie dabei jüngere Projekte wie Sidewalk Interstice, Portrait of the Artist as a Cultural Worker, SHE IS not in need of Labels und Abstract Politics.
Im Anschluss an die Präsentation wird Prof. Marlis Roth (Leiterin des IKF) die Diskussion eröffnen. Wir freuen uns auf einen lebhaften Austausch mit allen Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern und über Ihre Fragen und Antworten zur künstlerischen Forschung.
Vortragssprache ist Englisch. Wie immer ist das Kolloquium öffentlich und der Eintritt ist frei.
Victoria Hindley is an American artist based in Vienna. She works with photography, language, the book form, small and largescale installation, and in collaboration with other artists and theorists. Interested in challenging sociopolitical and institutional constructions of power, she applies strategies of decoding such as abstraction, decontextualization, intervention, humor, speaking, and teaching. Recent projects include: Sidewalk Interstice, a text-based installation and artist book in steel and aluminum shown at the Gesichtsfeld exhibition and symposium, ZS Art Galerie, Vienna; Everybody Thinks I’m White, exhibited at Not Festival, New York; SHE IS, a largescale public installation in Valie Export’s Kubus Raum, curated by Beatrix Zobl; Pay Close Attention to Size of Pill Before Swallowing, exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Germany; and the SHELTER PROJECT, a five-day multimedia, transdisciplinary events involving 30 international artists, writers, and theorists. Formerly, Victoria co-developed and co-directed a university book arts program and fine press in the USA where she created artists’ editions with Salman Rushdie and Wole Soyinka, among others. Currently, she is on the faculty of Transart Institute in Berlin/New York.
Zoran Poposki is a transdisciplinary artist based in Hong Kong and Skopje, with 50 exhibitions, screenings and festivals internationally. In his performances, videos and digital prints Poposki explores issues of liminality, identity, and public space. He holds an MFA in New Media from Donau Universitat Krems and Transart Institute. Artist residencies include: School of Visual Arts (New York), Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland, OR), etc. Recipient of CEC Artslink Fellowship (NYC). Author of a book on artistic practices in public space. Poposki is Lecturer in Aesthetics and Visual Rhetoric at the University American College Skopje’s School of Architecture and Design.