June 19, 2012

OX Talk in Macau

牛房講場OX Talk 2012
― Zoran Poposki 主講

時間:2012年7月14日(六),3-5 pm
14 July 2012, SAT, 3-5 pm, Ox Warehouse, Macau
主持:郭恬熙Alice Kok
語言: 英語、廣東話
Language: English and Cantonese

本期牛房講場,藝術家Zoran Poposki將結合他最近在公共空間開展的藝術專案,以生動例證重點論述不斷演變的城市藝術概念,探討公共藝術的基本理論。Art necessarily requires a public space. Without the existence of a public sphere there would be no art as a public discourse. Public space is key to the very possibility of existence of free speech, since one can only practice free speech in public space. The move to take art out of the galleries and museums and out in the streets, must go hand in hand with an attempt to get people out of the shopping malls and encourage them to become critical and active participants in public discourse.
In his presentation for OxTalk, artist Zoran Poposki will explore the theoretical fundamentals underpinning the evolving concept of civic art intertwined with examples of his recent art projects in the public sphere.

Zoran Poposki是一位跨界藝術家,他居住於香港和南斯拉夫的史高比耶(Skopje)兩地,已經參與了五十多個國際展覽、放映展和藝術節。在其表演、錄影和數碼版畫作品中,他積極探索邊緣性、身份和公共空間這些主題。其公共藝術項目曾展示於紐約、史高比耶和都柏林公共場所的LED顯示屏、錄影廣告版、海報和看板。他擁有克萊姆斯多瑙大學、柏林和紐約Transart Institute學院新媒體藝術碩士學位。他曾在紐約視覺藝術學院,俄勒岡洲波特蘭太平洋西北藝術學院(Pacific Northwest College of Art)等院校做過駐校藝術家。他還獲得過紐約市CEC Artslink Fellowship獎學金,並著有一本書,內容有關公共空間的藝術實踐。

Zoran Poposki is a transdisciplinary artist based in Hong Kong and Skopje, with 50 exhibitions, screenings and festivals internationally. In his performances, videos and digital prints Poposki explores issues of liminality, identity, and public space. His public art projects have been presented on LED video screens, video billboards, posters and billboards in New York, Skopje, and Dublin. He holds an MFA in New Media from Donau Universitat Krems and Transart Institute in Berlin and New York. Artist residencies include: School of Visual Arts (New York), Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland, OR), etc. Poposki is a recipient of CEC Artslink Fellowship (NYC) and author of a book on artistic practices in public space.