October 30, 2012

Urban dreams in Plovdiv

Zoran Poposki's participatory art project “The Right to the City” is on view in the international exhibition URBAN DREAMS at the Center for Contemporary Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, from Oct 20 to Nov 20, 2012. 

Based on manifold perspectives of diverse artists, URBAN DREAMS explores public and semi-public spaces where art becomes a research strategy and the city changes into a laboratory. For this project the exhibition space of the Centre for Contemporary Art changes into an archive and reading room of (mainly Eastern) European artistic urban research. In addition to the results of the latest artistic urbanism in Plovdiv and in other partner cities of the HEICO network, this archive will also present international projects from the last twenty years by different forms of media, based on material provided by partner organisations and artists. The exhibition is curated by Emil Mirazchiev.

Funded by the European Commission, URBAN DREAMS is a series of public events organized by the Art Today Association, Plovdiv/Bulgaria in the frame of HEICO, in partnership with the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation Brandenburg/Germany, SPACES/Slovak Republic, the Art&Cultural Studies Laboratory/Armenia, GeoAIR Association/Georgia and the KSAK-Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau/Moldova. The event is part of the initiative "Plovdiv - Candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019”.


20/21 October 2012, 11 am - 6 pm. HAMALOGIKA - Artistic interactive intervention in public space. 
Place: The Water Mirrors next to the City Park

26 October 2012, 7 pm. Opening of the interactive exhibition, library/archive of the European artistic urban research.
Place: Centre for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, The Ancient Bath

28 October 2012, site-specific installation. Artist: Tilmann Meyer-Faje
Place: In front of the Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv, The Ancient Bath.

27 October 18-20 pm. 29 October 1-6 pm. KISS - two channel video installation. Artist: Sevdalina Kochevska.
Place: Roman Stadium

7 November 2012, 14-15 h. FOOOOTBALLLL – Football game between 4 football teams, 4 football gates and 1 ball. Artist: Veronika Tsekova 
Place: Stadium Plovdiv

17 November, 6-9 pm. Space 0 Space – Storm - Artist: HR-Stamenov.
Place: City Art Gallery, Plovdiv