April 17, 2015

Exhibition at the National Gallery

At the National Gallery of Macedonia Mala stanica on Friday, April 17th at 8 pm, the exhibition entitled "In the First Person" will present 22 Macedonian contemporary artists, including: Metodi Angelov, Jovan Balov, Atanas Botev, Gordana Vrencoska, Goranco Gjorgjievski, Velimir Zhernovski, Jana Jakimovska, Slavica Janeslieva, Robert Jankuloski, Djordje Jovanovic, Verica Kovachevska, Ljubomir Miloseski, Angel Miov, Monica Moteska, OPA, Irena Paskali, Zoran Poposki, Nada Prlja, Igor Sekovski, Alexander Spasoski, Diana Tomic Radevska and Mikica Trujkanovikj. The curator of the exhibition is Maja Cankulovska Mihajlovska.
Generational affiliation and selection of the works created in the second half of the 1990s and especially the 21st century show the different creative incentives and media as an illustration of the action in the context of the Macedonian social reality in the past almost 20 years.
The selection is based on works / authors that stimulate responses through various content components, and the focus shifts from the personal experience towards the outside world.