March 01, 2016

Making art with the community

MAKING ART WITH THE COMMUNITY: A community-art project and exhibition
Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery (2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong)
Exhibit Dates: April 1 - April 8, 2016
Reception: April 6 (Wed.), 19:00-20:00

Photo courtesy May Yeung & Tin Mok 
Exhibiting Artists:
May Yeung, Mak Siu Fung Vincent, Chung Ka Kan, Leung Hoi Yung Iceman (Hong Kong Innovative Education Foundation).

Dr. Zoran Poposki 

Guest artist:
Victoria Hindley

Curatorial advisor:
Jeff Leung

This gallery exhibition is designed as a showcase of community-based artworks created through a collaborative artistic process involving Hong Kong artists, representatives of civil society organizations, and students, facilitated by an international artist. 

The exhibition aims to promote participatory community-based art by engaging visual arts students, visual artists and social services organizations in addressing community development issues through the artmaking. It furthermore aspires to raise awareness about the role of community-based art among the general public of Hong Kong. Through documentation of the art making process the participants bear witness to their personal experience, recognize their stories, and their contribution to public memory becomes a meaningful act of social agency. 

Making Art with the Community is supported by The Hong Kong Institute of Education.